The “Undefined” Art On How To Get Life Insurance Fast

Getting life insurance these days is Imageconsidered an art. A person has to know his way in and out of the great puzzle made by these different life insurance companies so that they can determine a lot of different things that will help them decide if that person deserves to have an affordable premium for a traditional whole life insurance.  As a would-be insured person, one has to know what the different types of life insurance is, how much are the premium and how much money should he consider as his insurance so that if the time comes that he won’t be around any longer, he can still provide a better and brighter future for his loved ones whom he will left behind.  One of the things that a person needs to know is the “undefined” art on how to get life insurance fast.  He needs to learn how to get one fast so that he can be insured as soon as he can.  Life is unpredictable, that’s for sure.  So, any small delays might compromise not only himself but the future of his family as well.

So, how does one learn how to get life insurance fast? If he really wants to be insured as soon as possible, he should not look into the traditional type of life insurance which is the whole life insurance.  Whole life insurance, if a person wishes to buy one, might take a million years before it can be approved and processed, that is, if it can be approved.  A person who buys a traditional whole life insurance is required to undergo a lot of medical and/or physical examinations like urine test, stool exam, blood sample, undergo X-ray, EKG and many more including the basic physical exam.  These exams will help life insurance companies determine if a person is a high-risk individual or not. If he is and they are willing to approve his whole life insurance application, that person might be charged with a higher premium. It can be higher if that person is already older than expected.  It is not surprising that a 20-year-old person can have an affordable whole life insurance compared to that of a 30-year-old man.

However, there is one way to get life insurance fast without any medical and/or physical examinations and that is term life insurance.  Term life insurance is different in many other ways compared to the traditional whole life insurance. Term life insurance is affordable and it is very fast in terms of approval and processing. That is because term life insurance doesn’t require an applicant to undergo any medical and/or physical exams.  He just needs to answer a few “health questions” to determine the cost of his premium.  Other than that, a person can choose the term that he wants.  A 30-year-old person can choose a 10-year term life policy with a death benefit of $1 million.  Once the term has expired, he can choose to renew his policy for the same term or a different one. So that he can choose wisely his term, his life insurance agent is more than willing to help him out which will depend on his age, his lifestyle and his health.

Even though a person wants to get life insurance fast and he goes for term life insurance and he has to answer just a few of those “health” questions, term life insurance is still the fastest in term of approval in comparison with whole life insurance. It is also the most affordable. Even a person who is already in his over-the-hill age can get term life insurance that is friendly to his pocket.

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