Why Get Life Insurance When It’s Expensive?


A lot of people these days are asking why get life insurance when the fact of the matter is, buying life insurance especially the traditional whole life insurance is very expensive. That is right.  Whole life insurance is really very expensive. But, think about this. A person who is already a family man and is trying to make ends meet would work day in and day out for one reason alone and that’s to provide his family with all the things that they need every day. Other than that, he also works hard every day so that he can also provide a better and brighter future for his family.  However, these things that he is doing everyday like working on his job eight hours a day, five days a week is not enough.  Life is very unpredictable and all people will surely agree to this. What if that person suddenly dies tomorrow? What will happen to his family?  Worse, he is the only one who is working for his family while his wife takes care of the kids at home all day long.

If only he has his own life insurance and he insured himself for, say, a million dollars, his family won’t have to worry about where to find money to feed themselves if that time comes that the breadwinner or the head of the family is not around anymore.  They can start their lives anew. The wife can start her own business at home if she wants to and she can still have money left to use in buying all the different things that they need every day.

However, there are some things that can hinder a man from buying life insurance. One of them is the cost of the premium of life insurance.  Yes, that is right. Whole life insurance is very much expensive and it can be more expensive if the life insurance applicant is already older and if he has some pre-existing medical condition.  There are life insurance companies that may not even approve his life insurance application and if they do approve it even though he may be a little older and/or has some medical or health problems, the premium cost of his whole life insurance may even be more expensive.  So, why get life insurance?

Actually, the question here is, why get traditional whole life insurance when a person can buy term life insurance?  The fact is, there are two different major types of life insurance, the traditional and the term life insurance. Term life insurance is different and it is very affordable.  If a person is planning to buy life insurance, he should go for term life insurance instead.

So, why get life insurance? If a person is really very much concerned about his family and his family’s future, there is no reason why he will not buy life insurance. But, he has to remember that he can have an option to buy term life insurance instead of whole life insurance. Now, another question comes to mind.  “How do I get life insurance quick?”  The only best way to get life insurance the faster way is to go online and find first some different term life insurance quotes provided by different life insurance companies. Furthermore, term life insurance is quick since a person don’t have to go through a medical examination and it is good for all people even if that person is already older and/or has some health problems.

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